Stirling Engine Photo Gallery

One of my favorite model engine projects was this Stirling Cycle Engine built from plans that appeared in Home Shop Machinist Magazine many years ago. I have demonstrated this engine at many engine shows over the last ten years, and have seen several others that were made from the same plans. It is interesting to note that no two engines were quite exactly alike! You can download a zipped DXF file of a drawing that I made that helps to explain how the Stirling cycle works by showing a Stirling cycle engine in two different positions in its cycle. Most CAD programs will allow you to import DXF files. This one has been tested for viewing from Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, and other programs. I have eliminated the crosshatching and labels to help assure that you will be able to view the file without any difficulty due to your specific software. The upper view shows the displacer fully retracted, so the maximum air volume is at the hot end of the cylinder. The lower view shows the displacer fully extended so the maximum air volume is at the cold end of the cylinder. For more information on Stirling engines, go here.

Here is my Stirling Engine

This is a model Stirling-Steele engine built by my friend, Bill.

For more information on Stirling-Steele engines, go here.

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